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Vintage Computer Board

Vintage computer board 5


Vintage computer board Intel 8255 #13




Vintage computer circuit board w/ MC68450L8 - National Instruments GPIB-1014


Modcomp Vintage Computer Processor Huge Circuit Board NASA Space Station Project


Vintage computer board 8


Intel C2708 Chip vintage computer board For SuperDec With Intel C2708 Chip


Vintage Zilog Z80 CPU Analog to Digital single board computer mulitbus MLZ-DAQ


Vintage Apple Computer Imagewriter Localtalk Circuit Board


Vintage 1960s Burroughs Computer (B3000/B5000) Transistor Circuit Boards/Modules


4 Vintage Altair 8800 Computer S-100 Boards MITS 4K 88-4KD Dynamic RAM SD Memory


Vintage 1960’s General Electric GE-210 Computer (ERMA) Transistor Circuit Boards


Commodore 16 plug in 64K Ram Expansion Cartridge, tested working on rev A board


4 IC Chips Set for Apple II Computer Circuit Boards Vintage Hardware


Lot of 8 Vintage 1980s 90s Computer Motherboard Circuit Boards Look


RARE Vintage FULCRUM 64KB Omniram Computer Board




IBM 5150 System Board Vintage PC Motherboard


RARE Vintage CompuPro CPU-Z S-100 458a Z-80 IEEE-696 Board


Vintage Apple II Computer Key Board 1991


8MB GVP RAM board and GVP Combo 030 board


(3) Vintage Atari gaming Boards / Cards


Atari ST Mega 4 computer Marpet 8mb memory upgrade board NEW MP217B


Single Board Relay Computer, Bare Board DIY Electronics Kit


Amiga 2000 Computer Mother Board Rev 6.2 1988


Vintage ISA 8-bit EGA Graphics Card for 80's IBM PC Computer (Video, Board, XT)


Mockingboard 4c (Sound board for APPLE IIc, AUX cable included)


BIG Lot of Vintage 1980s 90s Computer Motherboard Circuit Boards Look


Univac 4104363-03 vintage circuit board pcb computer card [2*B-20]


Vintage VER 5.2 Large Computer Board Motherboard ASIS UNTESTED


Vintage 386sx 25mhz 4meg board. Working condition


Vintage VESA 486 Deep Green PC System Board


Vintage Ampro Little Board/286 Single Board Computer SBC & HIRES MONO COLOR A602