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Sake Cup

Vintage Japanese Sake Glasses/Cups Set of 2 with wood box


Japanese Style Ceramic Porcelain Sake Cup Set Of 5 Pieces (Purple Floral ... New


Vintage Japanese Sake Set Bottle & 3 Cups White / Green Gold Trim Bamboo Pattern


Japanese Shrimp Design Porcelain Sake Set 1 Bottle and 4 Cups in Gift Box


WWII Military Antique Sake Cup WW2 Plane Pilot Badge-#1


12 PCS. Japanese Sake Cup Set Ceramic Assorted Color Designs /Made in Japan


Blue Dragon Porcelain Sake Set With 6 Lithophane Cups Showing Geisha Girl


WWII Military Antique Sake Cup WW2 Plane Mountain-#2


Green Japanese Design Porcelain Sake Set 1 Bottle and 4 Cups in Gift Box


Japanese Whistling Dragonware Sake Decanter~2 Cups


Japan Military Sake Cup WW2 Vintage Antique Army Truk Car Victorious Return Rare


WW2 Japanese Military Antique Sake Cup China Incident Helmet WWII Rare


WW2 Japan Military Sake Cup China War KAMIKAZE Attack Vintage Commemorate 1945


WW2 Japanese Military Sake Cup Cherry Blossom Antique Discharge Commemorate Rare


Vintage Japanese Sake Decanter with Glasses/Cups Set of 5


WW2 Japanese Military Antique Sake Cup China Incident Embossed helmet sword Rare


WW2 Japan Military Sake Cup Star Cherry Blossom Antique Vintage Commemorate Rare


Japanese Sake Set, 5 Pieces Sake Set with Bamboo Cup Clip Celadon Hand Pa... New


WW2 Japanese Military Sake Cup Horse Antique Discharge Commemorate Rare


Japanese Sake Cup RAKU pottery with Blow Fish Design / Quite Nice!


WW2 Japanese Military Sake Cups set. RARE. 2 SIGNED


5 Japanese Style3 Sake Set Porcelain Pottery Ceramic Cups Crafts Wine Glasses


Japanese Porcelain Sake Cup KUTANI BLUE DOT with Potter Box


Set of 2 Sake Cup Wood Masu Handmade 3.25" Square x 2-1/8"H/ Made in Japan


2 Vintage Oriental Dragon Porcelain Cups Sake and Tea


Japanese Fukudaya Ryokan Minoware sake cup


5 PCS. Japanese Sake Bottle and Cups Set Gray Metallic


Rare Vintage Japanese Ceramic Sake Cups & Bottles Set of 7 Made In Japan


Ceramic Sake Cups Set of 5 Hand Painted


Vintage Japanese Sake Cup, Pottery, Signed




Japanese Sake Crystal Vase and two cups


Sake Saki Cups Porcelain Cheng's Blue White Asian Floral Design Lot of 4


Vintage Japanese Sake Decanter & 4 Cups Rainbow Pearl & Flowers Made in JAPAN


Vintage Japanese Ceramic Sake Cups, Set of 4 Geishas


5-piece Set Sake Cup Glazed Stoneware Porcelain Unused


Set of 2 Bamboo Masu Sake Cup Handmade 3-1/8" Square / Made in Japan


Five vintage Japanese Sake Ceramic Cups


Set of Sake drinking cups erotic images rare find porcelain Japanese fine art


27 Piece Ceramic Vintage Sake Cup & Pitcher Set


Sake Cup Japanese Erotic Art Risque X-rated Hand Painted Porcelain Cup


Antique Pair Signed Japanese Satsuma Pottery Sake Wine Cups - Seizan Kiln Japan


Vintage MCI Japan Sake Decanter and 4 Cup Set


Yamako Pottery White Bamboo Sake Cup & Tokkuri Sake Bottle Set 12131 & 12340


2 Vintage Small Japan Finest Sake Gekkeikan Cups Japanese