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Vandachostylis (Neostylis) Baby Angel (Lou Sneary x Neofinetia falcata)


Renanthera monachica x Neofinetia falcata  Vanda


Neofinetia falcata x Vanda Mimi Palmer 3 Pack


Neofinetia falcata x Ren. monachica Vanda Orchid Red Spotted Blooms


Ascf. Moonlight Firefly x Neofinetia/Vanda falcata Grouping


Neofinetia/Vanda falcata KINROUKAKU 金鏤閣


Neofinetia/Vanda falcata KOGANE-NISHIKI 黄金錦


Orchid Species Neofinetia falcata v. Setsuzan




BIN FRAGRANT Vanda Moonlight Firefly x Neofinetia falcata Orchid


Neofinetia/Vanda falcata 'Kinkosei' 金光星


Neofinetia falcata x Vanda Mimi Palmer Seedling 3 Pack


Ascf Cherry Blossom #2 (Ascocentrum Ampullaceum X Neofinetia Falcata) Fragrant


Neofinetia Falcata Grouping 7+ Plants Hanging Basket Fragrant Bloom Size


Asf. Moonlight Firefly x Neofinetia Vanda Orchid Fragrant Yellow White Blooms


Neofinetia falcata 'Amami Island' Bloom size Mounted tree fern SPECIES


Neofinetia falcata ‘Aojiku Fugaku’. 青軸富嶽


Neofinetia falcata ‘kochounomai’ 胡蝶の舞 5 Growth Orchid species


Neofinetia falcata FRAGRANT Great Deal We’ve Not Seen Flowers


Neofinetia falcata 'Shutenno' Bloom size 4" basket Several plants SPECIES


BIN Neofinetia Falcata 2' Pot' mini frag seedling S636SE


orchid 8 pot Neofinetia falcata & cites & phyto. document


Neofinetia Falcata Orchid Pot Rasberries and Creme


Neofinetia falcata 胡蝶の舞 Kocho no Mai usuaual flower 




Ceramic Japanese Neofinetia: Tectonics on Black and White


Neofinetia falcata Non-Specific clones Great Deal Fragrant Wonderful Flowers


Ceramic Japanese Neofinetia: Black and Gold Swirls


Neofinetia fslcata Orchid plant species Blooming Size Pot 3" THAILAND CITES


Neofinetia Falcata Orchid Pot Sunset Matte


Japanese Orchid Vanda Neofinetia falcata Pot Kyoraku ware Pottery Furan Plain 30


Neofinetia Falcata Orchid Pot Wood-Fire Style


Japanese Orchid Vanda Neofinetia falcata Pot Kyoraku ware Pottery Furan Plain 35


USED 'Antique' Japanese Neofinetia falcata old pot (3.5)


'Antique' Japanese Neofinetia falcata hexagon pot (3.8)


'Sefuri' Japanese hand made Neofinetia falcata pottery pot (3.5) S29030


Special edition 'Kimisarazu-studio' Japanese Neofinetia falcata pot(3.5)


'Kyouraku-yaki' Japanese Neofinetia falcata handpainted pot (3.5) N2905EL


Neofinetia Falcata Orchid Pot Mirrors and Crystals